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Our classes on your schedule.

Satisfy court orders and understand addiction.

No need to sit in boring meetings listening to the same old stories.

Put your computer to good use and learn how to prevent cyberbullying

Be a hero. Stand up against bullying.

Easy parenting class for a difficult time.

Easy parenting class for a difficult time.

Marijuana or paraphernalia charges

A victim impact panel is a panel that is comprised of victims and survivors of intoxicated drivers.

Center Of Solutions Evaluations

Find out once and for all if you have a problem with anger.

Complete in the comfort of your home.

Non judgmental answers to a tough problem.

Just because you need an evaluation does not mean you need treatment.

Find out if Marijuana is negatively affecting your life or your physical well being.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Second Opinion

Shoplifting Evaluation

Since 2002, the Center of Solutions has offered online anger management classes, parenting classes, divorce parenting classes, bullying classes, cyber bullying classes, prescription drug and alcohol and drug classes. We were the first to bring quality online classes to you and now we are the most trusted resource for the legal system, probation departments, diversion programs, human resources and self improvement. You don’t have to be ordered or required to take any of our classes or evaluations. We work with everyone. We also offer alcohol and drug evaluations, DUI/Driving Risk evaluations, prescription drug evaluations, anger evaluations, and shoplifting evaluations.

Together we find solutions that will help you feel better about yourself and your life as quickly as possible.

My goal is to spend a lot less time focusing on the problems that brought you here and more time on resolving the issue. We refocus you on the present and future.   Together we find solutions that will help you feel better about yourself and your life as quickly as possible.

The legal system is requiring that certificates and evaluations presented to the courts are from licensed professionals. Don’t settle for less. Go to court with confidence and documents prepared by a licensed psychotherapist.

Dr. Kathy S. Garber


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