Alcohol Drug Evaluation And Prescription Drug Evaluation

This alcohol drug evaluation is the standard evaluation and includes the prescription drug evaluation too.  If you are required to complete a substance abuse evaluation including prescription drug addiction, this is the evaluation you would need to choose.  Let us know your time frame and we will do our best to work within those guidelines. This evaluation may include, but limited to SASSI, MAST, DAST, AUDIT,***Important*** If you are required to take the DSM-V in your evaluation, you will need to notify me at the time of ordering.

How It Works

  • Order the substance abuse assessment evaluation.
  • The assessment forms are emailed, faxed or mailed to you.
  • Full instructions come with the substance abuse evaluation.
  • I am available for you through the substance abuse assessment process.
  • You fill out the forms and return them to me either by email or fax.
  • Once I receive the forms, I will contact you for questions and clarifications.
  • The completed substance abuse evaluation is emailed or faxed back to you.
  • Because this is a confidential record, it will only be sent to you unless you sign a release form.
Prescription Drug Evaluation

Important to note: This is not an online alcohol and drug assessment evaluation. Sometimes online services may be rejected because people may think that the alcohol evaluation is administered online and therefore does not have credibility. I am a licensed psychotherapist and I am held to a higher standard.

We have a very high acceptance rate. I have been online providing these services since 2002 and have gained trust in the community and in my online presence. While my services are advertised online, this is the same exact alcohol and drug evaluation you would receive and complete if you did an in-person alcohol and drug evaluation. So if you are asked if this is an online evaluation, the answer would be no. You are completing the alcohol and drug evaluation with Dr. Kathy S. Garber, a licensed psychotherapist with years of experience in the field of addiction and alcohol and drug evaluations.

Whether you are going through the court/legal system, employer or just addressing alcohol or drug concerns of your own, an alcohol and drug evaluation is a great starting point to help you decide your next steps, set new goals and determine your future. Not everyone who takes an alcohol and drug evaluation will need treatment.