Stop Anger, Be Happy


Now in its second edition, Stop Anger, Be Happy is a straightforward, user-friendly book designed to help readers learn about their anger and how to manage it for the rest of your life. The user friendly approach will not only make your journey through anger management a pleasant experience, it will keep you captivated and motivated in your process.

Chapter 1: Anger is a fact of life. We don’t want to get rid of it; we want to show you how to be angry.
Chapter 2: Recognize and become aware of your own anger signs. If you can’t recognize it, you can’t control it.
Chapter 3: What goes on inside when you feel angry? Whenever you experience anger, your body responds with a powerful reaction.
Chapter 4: There are other emotions that may be causing your anger. What are they and how can you deal with them before they move you into an angry behavior?
Chapter 5: Learning to relax in this fast paced world can be difficult, but essential to your anger and stress level.
Chapter 6: Have you ever tried talking to yourself; rationalizing with yourself? Learn how to talk to yourself when you experience anger so that your irrational thoughts become rational and your anger stays under your own control.
Chapter 7: Making anger management personal to you. This chapter helps you design your program that is suitable to your life’s framework.
Chapter 8: Passive, passive aggressive, aggressive. Understand which old behavior is not working for you anymore and replace it with a new and powerful behavior. Learn why old behaviors aren’t working for you anymore.
Chapter 9: Communication skills are essential in life and relationships. Learn to ask for what you need and get what you want without losing control of your emotions. Learning assertive communication “I” statements to express yourself will help you take ownership of your thoughts and feelings.
Chapter 10: Boundaries are not only important to anger management, they are crucial. If you feel disrespected because your needs and wants are always swept out of site, it’s time to set some boundaries.
Chapter 11: Putting it all together.

You can always join us at where others are learning anger management together. Don’t go it alone if you need help. Join us and make that change!

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