Anger Management Parenting Class

Resolving Parenting Conflict Through Anger Management Classes

Resolving conflict in the heat of the moment is not always the best time. Taking a time out and stepping back from a situation gives both parties a chance to calm down and think. Below are some helpful tips for resolving conflict: 1. When the situation is heating up, take a time out. A time out is a chance for you to step away from the situation and think. Arguing in the heat of the moment will get you no where. 2. [...]


Anger is a secondary emotion

Emotions are a funny thing. We all walk around with a wide variety of feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Emotions can ride at the surface and we easily recognize them or they can remain hidden and we might not even know how they are affecting our lives. Anger is an emotion with a wide variety of intensity. The physical effects of anger include rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure and increases in adrenalin. Since anger is a secondary emotion something is usually happening [...]