Children And Violence

Children and Violence

Children And Violence (Reuters) – Children exposed to family violence show the same pattern of activity in their brains as soldiers exposed to combat, scientists said on Monday. In a study in the journal Current Biology, researchers used brain scans to explore the impact of physical abuse or domestic violence on children’s emotional development and found that exposure to it was linked to increased activity in two brain areas when children were shown pictures of angry faces. Previous studies that scanned the [...]

Marriage Counseling

My soon to be wife insists on premarital counseling. Are we doomed before we even start?

Marriage Counseling I get this question so often and I know that most people think just like you are thinking right now. If we have to start out in counseling that could be a really bad sign. The answer to you is no you are not doomed already. Premarital counseling is really about trying to find out where your strengths are so that you can rely on those strengths when things get tough. Premarital counseling, of course, is also about finding [...]