California Legalizes Marijuana

California Legalizes Marijuana Recreational use of marijuana became legal under California law January 1, 2018. The question is, will they regret it? The age old controversy rages on if this will be a public menace or will people use it responsibility while operating a motor vehicle. Will people smoke Marijuana or use edibles and drive under the influence? I think for most people, that is the major concern. Even though Marijuana use is legal, driving under the influence of marijuana is a [...]

marijuana opinion

What is your opinion regarding Marijuana?

What is your opinion regarding Marijuana? A reality of American life is that many adolescents, young adults, and even older adults experiment with illicit drugs. While occasional use of marijuana may not lead to abuse, it is still a hazardous activity because of marijuana’s addiction potential or the association of marijuana use with incidental harm, such as drugged driving or being arrested for other criminal activities. In the earliest stages of use, neither the drug user nor loved ones may [...]