We only accept 8 clients into this service per month because of the priority services we offer our clients.

Imagine having the security that at anytime, anywhere, there was a trusted professional whom you could call when you had an unexpected problem or crisis; when a situation arose that demanded your immediate attention or required you to make an important decision now; when you had an insight or idea that you’d like to bounce off someone and get real time and reliable advice; or simply because you needed to get something off your chest. Imagine this person knew your strengths and weakness, your beliefs and principles, rituals and practices, and identity and community, and had truly only your best interests and deepest concerns at heart.   That is what we offer you with our concierge therapy  services.   Peace of mind that we are there for you when or where you need us.

Concierge therapy means we give you priority.  Even if you don’t have an appointment we will fit you in the day you need to talk.

  • That can mean face to face, phone or Skype.
  • We extend our hours for you in case you can’t meet our time frame.
  • You receive priority email replies.
  • We offer you a grace period during your appointment.  If you are not finished talking about your issues we will extend your appointment to finish your discussion.
  • Weekend appointments are available to you.
  • Want to run something by us?  We will get back to you within 2 hours.

Concierge level benefits –  $800.00 per month

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