We can all relate to the dating process at one point in our lives.  Internet dating is rapidly becoming the method of choice to meet and date.

Dating counseling/therapy is a way for you to gain skills, insight and the confidence needed to make the right choices.

Do you feel like you are picking the same losers over and over?  If you feel like you are, you probably are.

Many people have a hard time picking someone new because they are stuck in looking for the same old bad habits, patterns and defenses.  To choose better we have to first understand ourselves and realize that influences in growing up significantly impact who we choose to be with in our life partner.  Our early experiences affect our present relationships.   Stop the cycle today!  Get clear on what you need and want in a relationship and move on to healthier choices.

If you want to choose better, let’s start focusing on what you want rather than what you have already had.

Full Session (60 minutes) $100.00

Email (per each) $30.00