Marital mediation is often used for couples who are not interested in “counseling” or “therapy” but still would like to better their relationship. Quite often there is one person in the relationship who is not willing to come to therapy, but would rather come to mediation. Marital mediation is also useful for couples who want to live together, but are not interested in bettering their commitment to the relationship. Rather they are interested in calming down high conflict issues and living together harmoniously.

Conflicts can be resolved quickly and effectively while building a better relationship. Marital mediation is practical, agreement-oriented and detail-oriented. When a couple identifies specific areas of conflict on which to focus, they learn to use the mediation process to find points of agreement and negotiate conflict-reducing resolutions. Through the process of marital mediation, couples will be developing and practicing cooperative, respectful, constructive ways of communicating and reaching accord.

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