Online Class And Assessment Information

Similar to the traditional classroom model, online classes at Center of Solutions, LLC have clearly stated learning objectives and outcomes. In addition, our online courses are designed to have interactive components. Our online classes have a mix of videos, group assignments, discussions, and many other strategies to increase communication with fellow students and myself. These activities increase active learning of the student. Many believe that online courses can be superior to traditional classroom learning because of this active learning strategy and the fact that each student is required to participate to finish their classes. Students cannot sit quiet or daydream in the process of online learning. If they are not active in their class, they do not finish and receive a certificate of completion.

There is growing evidence in research literature that online learning is as effective as or even more effective than traditional learning environments.

There definitely is a human component to our classes and programs. Our students interact with me in the class, through emails, through online chats and intensive work on the discussion board. I am available to my clients 7 days a week. I monitor the activities in the class.

Dr. Kathy S. Garber, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist developed all classes and prepares all of the evaluations herself at Center of Solutions, LLC. She maintains high professional standards through her affiliation as a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, clinical member of the California and Ohio Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and the National Association of Addiction Professionals. Dr. Garber has worked with human resource departments, probation departments, and the legal system nationwide since 2002 and is a name that is trusted to uphold quality and professionalism.

Our students are held to rigorous standards in the class. All assignments must be completed in full including videos, reading materials, exams and discussions. Clients are monitored in their participation and no short cuts are accepted. Certificates are sent to the client in PDF format so no certificate changes can be made. Certificates are verifiable by contacting Dr. Kathy S. Garber.

Online education offers a variety of advantages over traditional forms of face-to-face programs:

  1. Online programs are usually less expensive than traditional programs. This makes clients less resistant to take a class or evaluation.
  2. Programs are self paced. Clients can log in and out on their schedule.
  3. Our material is written for all levels of education. It is practical advice and it makes sense.
  4. Dr. Kathy S. Garber is available to guide the client through the program and answer questions 7 days a week.
  5. All of our classes are current and relevant.
  6. Students are much more one on one accountable for their participation. There is no day dreaming while someone else is talking. The client needs to prove that they understand the class material and show growth in the classes.

After doing individual psychotherapy and offering a variety of classes for years I understand what clients need in a quality learning experience. The material taught in the online classes was first implemented in a face-to-face format. I brought these classes online as a means of offering affordable anger management, parenting classes, divorce parenting classes, alcohol and drug classes, Marijuana classes, bullying classes, cyberbullying classes, victim impact panels, road rage and shoplifting to make clients more accountable for personal change. Making someone personally accountable to receive a certificate of completion is much different than sitting quietly in a room of people pretending to be interested. We help people get excited about changes their lives and living in positive solutions. We build self esteem and coach people to get excited about their lives. These classes are definitely not passive programs. These classes are programs of accountability.

I know that ordering classes and services online can be risky because you don’t know who is behind the scenes running the program. I am a licensed psychotherapist and I am held to higher standards both morally and ethically. I have been online since 2002 and I want to let you know that I am committed to this program and that I will not let you down in the process. If you put your trust in my programs at the Center of Solutions, LLC you are assured a quality experience with quality service.

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