marijuana opinion

What is your opinion regarding Marijuana?

What is your opinion regarding Marijuana? A reality of American life is that many adolescents, young adults, and even older adults experiment with illicit drugs. While occasional use of marijuana may not lead to abuse, it is still a hazardous activity because of marijuana’s addiction potential or the association of marijuana use with incidental harm, such as drugged driving or being arrested for other criminal activities. In the earliest stages of use, neither the drug user nor loved ones may [...]

Xanax Addiction

Xanax Addiction

Xanax Addiction Xanax is the trade name of the prescription medication alprazolam, and is in a category of drugs known as benzodiazepines. Typically, doctors prescribe Xanax to treat patients suffering from anxiety and panic disorders. Since Xanax is the most widely prescribed of the benzodiazepines, it is also the most widely abused of these drugs. People can easily become addicted to Xanax. Those who become addicted tend to build up a tolerance to it. This means that more of the drug is required to achieve a [...]

parenting class

Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes Whether you are a new parent or going through something big in life, parenting classes can help. These classes give you confidence, information, skills, and connections that you would not have otherwise. When they come together, you have the chance to excel at parenting in ways that you never thought possible. You can help your child to learn, to grow, and to become the best person they can be. Everything that you can take away from these classes [...]

Alcoholism is a long-term disease

Alcoholism is a long-term disease

Alcoholism is a long-term (chronic) disease. It’s not a weakness or a lack of willpower. Like many other diseases, it has a course that can be predicted, has known symptoms, and is influenced by your genes and your life situation.

 Physical signs of alcohol abuse are related to alcohol’s effects on different organ systems. However, while these findings are often present, they are not necessary to make a diagnosis of alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse shows its drastic effects on the [...]

Alcohol and Drug Class Evaluation

Alcohol and Drug Class Assessments

Alcohol and Drug Class Assessments Attitudes and social stereotypes can create barriers to the detection and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. Fear of what people may think of you might lead you to deny that you are suffering from an addiction, to hide your drinking, and to drink alone. This is called denial and it is powerful! We all know that alcohol is a legal substance that lowers anxiety and inhibitions and mostly why most people use it. Who doesn’t [...]

Alcohol Assessment

Alcohol Assessment According to National statistics, an average of 12,000 people die every year in DUI-related accidents. There is an average of 900,000 arrested each year for DUI/DWI and a full 1/3 of those are repeat offenders. While National averages have dropped by half over the past 35 years there is still an ongoing problem with drinking and driving. The solution to this problem does not just rest in the hands of law enforcement to find these violators and prosecute [...]

Opioids Evaluation

Opioids Evaluation

Opioids Evaluation Opioids are a group of drugs that are used for treating pain. They are derived from opium which comes from the poppy plant. Opioids go by a variety of names including opiates, opioids, and narcotics. The term opiates is sometimes used for close relatives of opium such as codeine, morphine and heroin, while the term opioids is used for the entire class of drugs including synthetic opiates such as Oxycontin. When people take a stable, regular and appropriate dose, [...]

Anger Management Parenting Class

Resolving Parenting Conflict Through Anger Management Classes

Resolving conflict in the heat of the moment is not always the best time. Taking a time out and stepping back from a situation gives both parties a chance to calm down and think. Below are some helpful tips for resolving conflict: 1. When the situation is heating up, take a time out. A time out is a chance for you to step away from the situation and think. Arguing in the heat of the moment will get you no where. 2. [...]

Children And Violence

Children and Violence

Children And Violence (Reuters) – Children exposed to family violence show the same pattern of activity in their brains as soldiers exposed to combat, scientists said on Monday. In a study in the journal Current Biology, researchers used brain scans to explore the impact of physical abuse or domestic violence on children’s emotional development and found that exposure to it was linked to increased activity in two brain areas when children were shown pictures of angry faces. Previous studies that scanned the [...]

Marriage Counseling

My soon to be wife insists on premarital counseling. Are we doomed before we even start?

Marriage Counseling I get this question so often and I know that most people think just like you are thinking right now. If we have to start out in counseling that could be a really bad sign. The answer to you is no you are not doomed already. Premarital counseling is really about trying to find out where your strengths are so that you can rely on those strengths when things get tough. Premarital counseling, of course, is also about finding [...]